What it’s like to live with a group of Women Hackers

  • November 4, 2022
  • Christina Rodriguez
  • 3 min read


By: Christina Rodriguez

Women from Mexico, Latin America, and the United States met at a boutique hotel, took part in the Blu3dao hacker group, and competed for prizes at Eth Mexico, which is part of Eth Global.

On the first day of arrival, on Telegram, we were all in a group chat, and it just happened that Sophia and I were arriving at the Mexico City airport at the same time.

It was time for us to ride together in a taxi to the hotel boutique, also known as the hacker house.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by two small Mexican women who were hotel attendants eager to show us our room upstairs. We found our room and unpacked our belongings to grab something quick to eat before heading to the get-together with everyone else in the house of Blu3dao.

After returning to the house after eating a quick bite-everyone was at the welcome party with dinner and drinks. As people got to know each other and met people they already knew from previous Zoom meetings, other hackathons, and Twitter spaces, the vibe was so strong that most people thought they knew each other.

The next day was Blu3day, a special meeting, and breakfast event to share blockchain ideas and turn into a group of teams for EthMexico.

The ladies arrived and met up. Blu3dao and HerDao get together for breakfast, and both DAOs of women meet each other. There was breakfast being served, and people could meet, chat at breakfast, and later go sightseeing in the country or shopping in the local stores before Ethmexico started the next day.

Eth Global will host Eth Mexico in the following two days at their venue. Here’s where most will live for 24 hours to compete for prizes, bounties, and wins.

Throughout the house, the restrooms are crowded with women doing their beauty routines and putting on makeup. Exactly what Beautê in Tech magazine is all about.

Everyday you wake up and go to a hackathon and give it your all to win.

You don’t lose in a contest. You either win or you learn there’s no losing.

We head back home as the lights turn off, flights are booked,bags are packed and we say goodbye to a stranger with whom you shared a big ambitous task to accomplish.


Every second of the day, you feel like you’re home in a local place, and you’ve known each girl forever. The energy throughout the day makes you feel like you’ve known her for ages; it feels almost as if you’ve known them for years, but it’s actually the first time for most, though it doesn’t feel that way, and for many after leaving the hackathon, they become lifelong friends.